Mind Renewal

Mind renewal by the Word of God is one of the first willful acts that every Believer should enter into in order to experience a walk with God that is fruitful and orderly rather than a continual source of frustration and confusion about God and what it means to really be blessed.  It will take time, consistency and determination to develop a mindset that agrees with God.  He desires that we experience all that He has made possible for us through the sacrifice of Jesus; this frees Him to accomplish all that He desires through our lives while we are in the earth.  We receive from Him “in the living” by placing our faith in His promises and responding in obedience to His Word.  Every act of obedience leads to increased wisdom and understanding, establishing a pattern of true spiritual growth and development, a life that is led by His Spirit and watching with amazement your direct involvement in what God is doing.  He wants us to know that His love for us is so complete and so pure that His rule in us would never compromise us, injure us, nor will it disappoint.  Let me also say that this will not be a stroll in the park.  No, we have a very real enemy – Satan – who will oppose us every step of the way.  Satan counts on our opinion being more in agreement with the way things appear in front of us rather than believing what God’s Word says. God’s power in us is more than sufficient to steady our feet in the face of the enemy.

Now, the battle has already been won for us and we can stand firm in that truth.  A believer whose mind is renewed by the Word enjoys the comfort of a growing dependence on God and discovers they are absolutely secure with Him in every situation.  Adopting His opinion about every matter sets our feet on a path that brings life, fulfillment with eternal purposes greater than we could ever imagine.  Below are practical steps I’ve discovered that began the process of mind renewal in me and gave me the opportunity to actively participate in the process – training like an athlete as the Apostle Paul would say – so that fruitfulness and provision in my life was no longer an easy steal for Satan.  This process has become invaluable to me in owning and experiencing my own spiritual growth and the development of deep intimacy with my Lord – something I previously never knew was even possible.  While it’s certainly not the only path of mind renewal, it has proven extremely effective for me and I invite you to consider the steps below in your own journey.  May you become a living sacrifice unto God and be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind! (Rom. 12:1-2)