Growing One Step At a Time

In your development as a disciple of Jesus Christ, consider the following points to help you implement your own growth and development, which will help you stay on course and in step with God:

  • Begin with either a truth God has revealed to you or with an instruction from Him that is clear to you and write it down.
  • If it was a truth revealed, begin to meditate on that truth along with the Scriptures that confirm it (begin speaking that truth and talk to God about it).
  • Ask the Spirit to show you where this truth connects to a truth(s) you already know and write down how they connect and work together.
  • If it was an instruction, begin to ask God what the first step of obedience is and how you are to carry it out.
  • Write down everything you believe He’s saying to you; look for any examples in the Word or other things God has spoken to you that will confirm it.
  • As God gives you each step, OBEY and then you will be prepared to receive the next step.
  • If you find that you have gotten stalled or off course, STOP – God to help you get back on course so that you are back in step with Him and go on from there.

NOTE:   Along the way, write down mindsets, perceptions and paradigms that are hindering your progress. If you’re not being confronted by these things, it probably means you are off track far enough to be blinded by the devil’s schemes and you will need the Spirit to open your eyes. If you still fail to see, ask a mature believer for help. Once you identify the hindrance, you can then throw off everything that hinders and keep going forward. (Heb. 12:1-3)

Finally, dating everything along the way establishes accountability to God’s Words to you and God’s voice will become more and more clear to you and how He deals with you personally. Your obedience to God will guard you and keep you from being entrapped by the enemy’s schemes against you. Being aware of both empowers you and steadies your feet as you walk this journey.

God continually presents life and death to us. CHOOSE LIFE!!!

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